Private investors

Private investments take many forms as each client’s need is unique, and must be managed within the complex market of today.

We work hard to understand your financial aspirations; the criteria upon which you base your decisions, the constraints you apply and changing concerns relating to your investment portfolio.

We think it is important that we take time to build a strong and personal relationship with you; our experience has shown that the more closely we empathise with our clients’ needs, the more satisfied you will be. Please click here to view what we can do for you.

We want to ensure that:

your portfolio fits the level of risk you are willing to take – now and in the future
you have a dedicated and easily available point of contact within the investment management team, who is knowledgeable, who understands your situation and is familiar with your investment portfolio
Our investment managers are experienced, reliable and proactive. While they have flexibility to meet your needs we have internal processes which ensure they don’t stray too far from our core strategy. They will neither make “all or nothing” decisions nor blindly follow a model.